A Technological Revolution

Society is experiencing unprecedented economic growth due to modernisation (Ebert 2012: 3).  The last two centuries have seen technology propel society into an information economy able to communicate instantaneously across the globe.  Society now uses this abundance of knowledge to predict outcomes and generate an increase in capital, thus the pursuit of profit.   Work has become a focal point for many, with work societies characterised by interdependencies between people, organisations, activities and various areas of society (Ebert 2012: 1).

The social fallout of the ever expanding Automaton is likely to result in job loss, career change and retraining as well as decreased leisure time for those who continue to ‘produce on the go’ through increased mobility, flexibility and unpaid labour.  The increase in technology fuels economic growth, hence capitalism, which continues to drive ecological destruction and the pursuit of profit above the health of humanity.

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  EinsteinBack in the day
Or is it all part and parcel of social evolution? Is the ‘end of work’ really near or is it a survival of the fittest and are we forgetting the segments of society that feel they have been positively influenced by the technological revolution i.e. working mothers, disabled, medical and information technology professionals.  Perhaps we need to focus on curbing the environmental impacts and promoting work life balance and focusing on the positive outcomes of the technological revolution, as it would appear, there is little that can be done to switch off the Automaton.

Robots to replace almost 50% of workforce (www.news.com.au)

60% of Australian workforce not engaged in their jobs

Getting rich before 30





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